Tim Fisher, MBA International Business

Tim Fisher serves mainly as an Umpire (approximately 80%) in the Appraisal process and the rest as an Appraiser or expert witness.

Tim has been hands-on with many appraisals on homes, commercial and industrial properties relating to weather caused claims. Tim has a keen understanding of assessing damage relating to wind, water, fire, hail.   Over the past 24 months I have been involved in over $12,000,000.00 in insurance related claims. 

Mr. Fisher has hands-on experience in building construction from concept to completion. He has direct experience and knowledge of all aspects of construction in home, multi-family, industrial and commercial construction.

Related Experience:

– Umpire, Appraiser, expert witness

-MBA International Business Washington University/Temple

– Real Estate License (currently inactive)

– Have owned and renovated then sold several homes, multi-units and commercial properties.

– Have contracted the building of several homes and commercial buildings. I have experience in all elements of new construction.

-Former CEO and Partner of an international business and directed the building of several offices and warehouses in Europe, Scandinavia and the USA.

-Current President of a large HOA and oversee all building repairs.

As a consultant (Owner of Tim Fisher Inc) has worked closely with but not limited to the following:

Algeco Scotsman Inc, Andes Construction Inc, Arrow Companies, BC Contracting, Chenega Electric, DJR Architects, Coating Specialties, Doran Companies, Drywall Supply, Gateway Building Systems, HD SUPPLY Waterworks, Halliburton, KKR & Co Inc, Larson Engineering, Lowes Companies, MHA Nation, MOD Space, Mortenson Company, Riley Brothers Construction, Robert Gibbs and Sons HVAC & Electric, Todavich Electric, Westcon Inc.