Tim Fisher Inc.

Since 1987

Tim Fisher is the Founder of Tim Fisher Inc. and has been involved with new construction and renovation as a hands-on participant and as a consultant for several engineering, construction and manufacturing companies.  

In addition, Tim has worked with many several Fortune 200 companies on a temporary basis as well as founding four successful companies. Tim is a former partner and CEO of an international corporation based in Stockholm Sweden. Tim earned an MBA in International Business writing his thesis on Global Internet Strategies. Tim’s work with many top manufacturing companies has gained him vast strategic wisdom. 

If you are looking for proven strategic marketing plans, assistance in negotiating joint ventures, strategic alliances , partnerships and or the sale of your company Tim Fisher Inc. just may be the perfect partner.

Tim Fisher Inc‘s marketing wisdom from your concept to your customer. Rarely does one find a group with such a diverse group of hands-on experts. If  your company has a great idea to get to market, or  has an established products  to take to the next level, Tim Fisher Inc. wants to be a part of your  marketing muscle .

In TF INC , we not only talk the talk, but have, and will continue, to walk the walk. We are all current and former business owners, many are patent holders.  All have created and/or sold successful companies.  We understand today’s marketing sectors including web, internet, social networking, business to business, print, tradeshows, plus international and domestic branding.